Our Mission

Give Back Freedom


Diamond Cleaning is a residential and commercial cleaning service. Our mission is to give every client back the freedom to do what they love in life. 

Take the time that you spend cleaning your home and invest it in what you are most passionate about! Take back your weekend and we will take care your home!

Female Empowerment


As a female founded and lead business C.E.O Ashley LeTourneau pushes and inspires young females to reach their full potential! Diamond Cleaning offers an employment for skill building along with a higher then minimum wage pay for those who are willing to work for it!

Diamond Cleaning provides females with paid and non-paid internships, opportunities for high-school volunteer hours and offers any employee personal and individual projects.  

Diamond cleaning wants long term employees who want to make a difference in their life, their community and their company!

Natural Green Diamonds


Rarest of the diamond family the natural green diamond develops their color from being exposed to radiation! As unique as this phenomenon is Diamond Cleaning wants to prevent pollution in our community and national parks as well as conservation areas. 

Diamond Cleaning participates and leads teams in ``Pitch-In Canada`` events in the Hawkesbury and Kingston areas. Diamond Cleaning is in the process of creating their own environmental program to help keep Canada clean!