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This is my first video!! 

I wanted to breakdown how to properly clean a room in 4 simple steps! Once you have the 4 steps down, they will work throughout your house and not just in the bathroom!

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Are your belongings protected?

When I talk to new clients about prices, I always get the same response! “oh! That’s expensive! Sally down the street only charged $15.00 per hour! Are you really worth that much?” 

YES! And I am about to tell you why! 

Why did you let Sally go? Did she steal from you? or maybe she broke or damaged something in your home. Now before you think I just giving Sally a bad reputation I understand that accidents happen, and Sally probably feels bad about it!  

At Diamond Cleaning we are, and all our employees are fully licenced, insured and have clear police checks! The company has purchased $2 million coverage of liability insurance through Bullfrog Insurance™. Meaning if we are dusting around your new flat screen TV and we knock it over and it brakes; you are covered! We will replace your TV! 

Sometimes paying a little extra money for professional cleaners vs. Sally down the street will make a big difference!


Becoming a Mystery Shopper!

What is this? How do I save?


This is my sneaky way as the boss to conduct performance reviews on my employee’s! During our slow weeks when we have no appointments booked, I will send out a email blast for the locations that are slow! I’m offering all mystery shoppers 50% OFF their cleaning for filling out a quick survey and leaving a Facebook™ review on our page!

Step 1: Register to our Mystery Shopper Program !

Step 2: When you receive the email saying "We are having a slow week in your area and looking for a Mystery Shopper, email us back saying you want this appointment! (It is on a first come, first served bases! The first email replay I receive will have the appointment!) 

Step 3: After your home is cleaned, please fill out the survey and complete the Facebook™ review! Both these links will be provided to you in the confirmation of your Mystery Shopper appointment! 

Enjoy your clean home and money saved!

*If you are a long-time regular client of Diamond Cleaning you can still register for the Mystery Shopper program; but you can only use it on your off weeks. (Meaning if you have a regular or already booked appointment that week you can not apply for the 50% off cleaning! These are meant to fill open availability and help me with employee performance reviews!

*If the survey and the Facebook™ review are not completed in the 72 hour time period, you will be charged full price for the cleaning!

Something else cool!

Your 50% payment will be $79.10 for 2 hours of cleaning, with 2 employees! (We charge $158.20 for 2 hours of cleaning).

This is the cool part! The company will obviously keep the taxes, but the employee's will go home that day with your cash in hand! Diamond Cleaning will not keep your payment!

This is the companies and employee's agreed way to motivate themselves to do the best job they can, because they will never know when they will be in a Mystery Shopper's home!

I want to be a Mystery Shopper!

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